Sunday, July 20, 2008


Richard, Zach & Brandon have taken up fishing the last couple of months. I've gone along a few times. I can only go if I have something to do myself. I can never just sit and do nothing. I have to have something to do. On this particular trip (7-11-08), I finished mounting a couple of stamp sets that I had been dreading mounting......those ones with waaayy to many pieces! We just go to the Fish & Game Club here in town. They have a really neat pond that is just huge. It is a catch and release place.....other than just a few things that you can keep if you want to. It's fun because they always get bites, so it isn't like they get bored with it. There have been a couple of older gentlemen that have given them some good tips and seem pleased to get others hooked on the sport. It has been a fun thing for all three of them and they look forward to the nights that aren't too busy and they can spend some time doing their new hobby.

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