Saturday, March 10, 2012

Something Extraordinary

Thursday we had our Relief Society Birthday Celebration.   We centered our theme around a video we used in the program, which had daffodils in it, so I used that on the invitations and the posters.

It turned out to be a great night, with great company, food, and the program was exceptional!  I'm especially impressed with the counselors in our bishopric.  One of them attends every RS activity we have, but both of them were there on Thursday.  The bishop's wife and I were on kitchen duty, but we didn't serve anything, or wash a single dish.  They did it all.  I've never seen anything quite like them, and they did it with a smile on their face!  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines for Veterans

Thursday at our Relief Society activity, we made Valentines to send to the Veteran's home.  I was asked to come up with one of the four designs, and this is what I ended up with.  I had all the pieces ready to go and everyone just had to assemble them.  (This is what everyone did to save time.)  We made 100 all together.  They'll be receiving them today on their food trays!

We also decorated heart shaped cookies.  They were given those on Friday, while they were still fresh, and we've already received a letter saying how much they enjoyed them and how they brought smiles to their faces. It was a great activity!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Cookies

I made some Valentine cookies for my Primary kids today.  I'm going to let them frost and decorate one on their own.  Mistake?  Probably.  Will they love it?  YES!

RESULTS:  They absolutely loved it, and it is probably the quietest they've ever been.  I think we'll frost cookies every week!  ;)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Small Calendar

I like to cover a small calendar to keep in my church bag, because if I don't write down dates and times, I forget everything!  I found this calendar at the drugstore for only 50 cents a couple of days ago, and it is a two year one!  Usually the inside pages are just plain, but these are very nice (although the paper is pretty cheap...I don't really care about that).

I buy the ones with the plastic covers on them, so I can cover the calendars with cute background paper and decorate them up just a little so they are more my style.  Then I just slide everything back into the plastic cover.

Cut the background paper just a little longer than the far as the length goes where it is being folded.  Does that make sense?  It needs a little extra paper when you actually fold it to get all the way around the calendar.  You might want to try it out first with a scrap piece of paper before you cut into the good stuff, then you can just take measurements off your scrap.

Decorate it up the way you want and you're done!  For the teal background, I crumpled up a piece of card stock a bunch of times until it looked and felt the way I wanted it to.  I also embossed the bird by using a Craft ink pad in a teal color, then used clear embossing powder and heated it with a heat tool.  Before that, I ran my vanilla card stock through the printer to get the "2012-2013" on the paper, then used the Stamp-a-ma-jig to place the bird in the perfect spot.