Thursday, November 27, 2008

Customers ~ one more thing!

From December 1 through January 18, when you spend $20, you can get 20% off any stamp set in the Fall-Winter Catalog Sampler if you'd like. Sooooo - if you take advantage of the Holiday Extravaganza, and your subtotal is $20+, you might want to take a look at the Catalog Sampler and see if any of the stamp sets interest you. Timing is everything though ...... the Holiday Extravaganza only goes through December 1st, so you have a one day time frame to take advantage of BOTH! Also, since it is a "while supplies last" sale, there are disadvantages to waiting too. Decisions, decisions! ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big Sale

Stampin' Up! has just announced a Holiday Extravaganza Sale! BUT -- it is only available through Monday December 1st, and only while supplies last. There are some great bundles and some are up to 50% off. Think GIFTS.....for the stamper in your life.....maybe even a little something for yourself. Be sure and check them out and let me know if you'd like anything! Orders arrive in approximately one week.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Shoulder update: two days after the cortisone shot, it truly did kick in....just like the doctor said it would. I got out of bed without having to "help" my arm out of bed. After 9 weeks, I couldn't believe it! I haven't had much pain since. I find myself cringing every time I reach for something, even though I don't need too. I just get ready for the pain because I'm so used to it. I'm going to Physical Therapy three times a week and I HATE it. It isn't painful or anything, I just hate setting time aside for it.

Mom update: my mom arrived on Thursday. It is always great to have her here. She usually comes every other year for Thanksgiving because that is how my sister and brothers are set up to go to their in-laws. It works out well. When she arrived, she started asking something about Twilight. I can't remember exactly what, but it turned into "You have those books, don't you?" She isn't any more of a reader than I am....before I started reading the Twilight Series that is! I decided to buy the first one in June, thinking that one of the kids might want to read it on our drive home. None of them did, so I decided I would give reading a try. I read a ton when I was a nanny, but haven't at all since. Just like Harry Potter got my kids to love reading, Twilight has gotten me to love reading again! I haven't stopped since.....except the last couple of weeks, when I really don't know when I would've found time. Most of the time I can only fit in a couple of pages at night, but it is fun and I look forward to it. I was telling my mom about Shelli, the founder of Stampin' Up!. On her blog recently, she wrote about her daughters urging her to read Twilight before the movie came out. She and her husband went on a vacation and all they ended up doing was reading. She had pictures of her reading everywhere. I laughed because it really does hook you. Well, my mom started reading Twilight on Thursday night and finished it Saturday. Too funny! She has been bitten, as they say. I keep hearing people who are skeptical say "isn't that about vampires??" Well, technically yes, but that definitely wouldn't be the first thing that came to my mind. I think of it as a very sweet love story. I want to go see the movie, but I know it can't possibly live up to the book!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Raccoon

I haven't stamped for 2 1/2 weeks! For this card I combined the Under the Stars set with the Mr. Twigster set. I wanted to do something unusual, rather than just the normal Christmas card. I think the raccoon looks cute holding the lightbulbs! I used the Stamp-a-ma-jig to place them perfectly, and then watercolored everything by using an Aquapainter and squeezing the ink pads and getting ink from the lid. The Kiwi "tree" paper is from the Frosty Designer Paper. YEAH - I stamped!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

You familiar with this children's song? Usually a real fun song, right? Well, not for me when I think of those particular body parts lately! I've had issues with each recently.

Since my nasty fall a couple of months+ ago, my shoulder has been giving me major problems. I finally got in to the orthopaedic specialist today. I think it won't be as bad as some people have warned me about. He gave me a cortisone shot (HATE those) that will hopefully start helping in a couple of days, some anti-inflammatory medication and I have to start physical therapy, which was the part I was dreading most, but at this point if it helps, I'm all for it! If those things don't work over the next month or so, then it is on to more yucky stuff, but right now, I'm hoping for the best.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Card Preview

Here is a very tiny preview of what part of my Christmas cards will look like......if I get them finished. Watercoloring 80+ cards probably isn't the greatest idea ever! However, IF you decide to watercolor, I highly recommend our watercolor paper and an Aqua Painter. Two products that are simply awesome to work with! I'll share the full card when/if I get them all mailed out. That won't be anytime soon! ;)

If you need supplies for your cards, now would be a good time to order and start working on them. Don't forget the envelopes!

Email Addresses?

A BAD thing happened yesterday! Something weird happened with my email, and I lost everything in my address book (300+ family, friends, customers), every past email (in other memory), etc. If I normally email with you in any way, please send my a quick one so I can get your's again. THANKS! Hopefully Richard can figure this out for me, so we can retrieve the info. I'm not sure we'll be home at the same time until at least Sunday though.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cute Fall Card

For Amanda's workshop last week, there were lots of new stampers, so I needed a card for them that looked great, but wasn't too overwhelming. This one was perfect! All of their cards turned out great! There was just a little bit of stamping involved, along with some punching. The pumpkin was made using 3 punches of the new Wide Oval Punch, and for the stem, we used the Word Window Punch.
(basic idea by Nancy B.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scentsy Booth this Saturday

Saturday I'll be at Elyria Catholic High School for their annual "March into Christmas" Holiday Craft Bazaar. Visit my Scentsy site for details. As you can see, Brandon came along as my helper at a show a couple of weeks ago, and said he may want to do that again Saturday. The boy loves to help! I'll have many items available for sale on the spot and anything can be ordered, of course. Orders take about 10-14 days to arrive. I usually have quite a few things at my home if you are in need of a last minute gift! Let me know if you need further details.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Stamp-A-Stack Results

Yeah! The Christmas Stamp-A-Stack for 2008 has come and gone. Everyone made 5 of each of the cards you see below. I couldn't find my camera for the Friday night class, so I want to thank Kyleen, Lisa, Jan, Ann, Sandy, Ambre, Anne, Amy, Kristen and Becky for attending that night. Debbie wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so Julie stamped for her and she'll put them together at home. See you soon Debbie!
Bonnie, Mindy and Donna got a little dusty over at the Snow Swirled snowflake card station.
(basic idea by Susan Adams)

Jan and Treena took a moment to glance at the camera, but Joann needed to keep busy working with Mr. Twigster.

Judy, Jill and Barbie were happily working on their Season of Joy cards.

Julie, Ellen, Karen and Ginny worked on the Snow Swirled tree cards, while Mary worked on the Punches Three cards.

I'm in one of my "I never want to do another class EVER" frames of mind right now. That generally happens after each class.....especially the big ones. They're fun and I love having everyone over....don't get me wrong, but only demonstrators who prepare classes (and their families) can understand how much work they are. Classes aren't money makers, that is for sure. The time we spend to be ready and have everything as close to perfect as possible is unbelievable. We just do it to keep our customers stamping and to be able to show them things that take a little longer than we could at a normal workshop. I called my sister after it was over, knowing she had also had a class recently. We shared many of the same feelings. Luckily, this frame of mind wears off after a while, and I'll be ready to go again, but it is definitely time for a break. The last few months have been NUTS!

The kids kept busy in the stamp room on the computer. Brandon made himself comfy. Don't worry, because, YES - I finally made Zach let me cut his hair on Sunday night. He looks very handsome right now!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

S.A.S. Preview!

OK ~ Stamp-A-Stack attendees, here is a quick preview of one of the cards we'll be making at the class this weekend. It uses the Punches Three Hostess Set. I've been cutting and packaging like crazy the last few days. I *think* I'll be ready by the time you start arriving! ;)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Giant Pictures

I see that the pictures are gigantic and cut off over half of each one! I don't know how to get them smaller. I'll see if Kyle can help me tomorrow. EDIT: If you click on them, they come up normal. DUH! ;)

Rally Pix

Here are a few of the many pictures Nevarae (band member/photographer extraordinaire) took at the rally on Thursday. It was a lot of fun! There was a lot of "hurry up" and "wait" but all it all, a great day. The kids were awesome and definitely entertained the crowd.

Kyle is on the left, along with some of the rest of the band.

Jordan! along with more of the band.

Some of the great girls that we never have a problem with. Bridie, Mary, Sonya, Emily and Jessica.

Band moms! Kathy, Lisa and me.

John McCain shaking hands with students who were anxiously awaiting his arrival.


Megan and Cindy McCain, along with Joe the Plumber!