Monday, November 10, 2008

Stamp-A-Stack Results

Yeah! The Christmas Stamp-A-Stack for 2008 has come and gone. Everyone made 5 of each of the cards you see below. I couldn't find my camera for the Friday night class, so I want to thank Kyleen, Lisa, Jan, Ann, Sandy, Ambre, Anne, Amy, Kristen and Becky for attending that night. Debbie wasn't feeling well on Saturday, so Julie stamped for her and she'll put them together at home. See you soon Debbie!
Bonnie, Mindy and Donna got a little dusty over at the Snow Swirled snowflake card station.
(basic idea by Susan Adams)

Jan and Treena took a moment to glance at the camera, but Joann needed to keep busy working with Mr. Twigster.

Judy, Jill and Barbie were happily working on their Season of Joy cards.

Julie, Ellen, Karen and Ginny worked on the Snow Swirled tree cards, while Mary worked on the Punches Three cards.

I'm in one of my "I never want to do another class EVER" frames of mind right now. That generally happens after each class.....especially the big ones. They're fun and I love having everyone over....don't get me wrong, but only demonstrators who prepare classes (and their families) can understand how much work they are. Classes aren't money makers, that is for sure. The time we spend to be ready and have everything as close to perfect as possible is unbelievable. We just do it to keep our customers stamping and to be able to show them things that take a little longer than we could at a normal workshop. I called my sister after it was over, knowing she had also had a class recently. We shared many of the same feelings. Luckily, this frame of mind wears off after a while, and I'll be ready to go again, but it is definitely time for a break. The last few months have been NUTS!

The kids kept busy in the stamp room on the computer. Brandon made himself comfy. Don't worry, because, YES - I finally made Zach let me cut his hair on Sunday night. He looks very handsome right now!


Tanya said...

Well your cards are beautiful and your group looks like they had fun! (does that help? LOL!) But yep, I get it!!!

Karen said...

Wow! What a big group you had. I can't imagine preparing for that many people. You are amazing! Being your sister I definitely know the prep time that goes into these classes, which I might add I don't do nearly as many as you for that very reason. They stress me to the max and leave me very little time for my family and life! But, like you say it's fun for the customers to get together and learn new things and go home with a stack of cards. Many of my customers thank me over and over for the time and effort I put into the classes and I appreciate that. Your cards are all so awesome. I wish I lived by you so I could attend and help with the prep work. You're amazing. Relax and don't worry about doing another class for a long while. Enjoy your holidays!