Monday, November 17, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

You familiar with this children's song? Usually a real fun song, right? Well, not for me when I think of those particular body parts lately! I've had issues with each recently.

Since my nasty fall a couple of months+ ago, my shoulder has been giving me major problems. I finally got in to the orthopaedic specialist today. I think it won't be as bad as some people have warned me about. He gave me a cortisone shot (HATE those) that will hopefully start helping in a couple of days, some anti-inflammatory medication and I have to start physical therapy, which was the part I was dreading most, but at this point if it helps, I'm all for it! If those things don't work over the next month or so, then it is on to more yucky stuff, but right now, I'm hoping for the best.


Jodi said...

I had no idea...why didn't you say anything?????

Do you want me to cook your food for the next month:)

Karen said...

Man! You just can't get a break. I think we're getting old. I kept thinking I had arthritis in my knee (still wondering if I do). The chiropractor said I'm walking on my feet funny and that's what is making my knee hurt. I got orthotics and it's helped a little, but I still feel OLD! Hopefully your shot and therapy work. Good luck!