Monday, November 24, 2008


Shoulder update: two days after the cortisone shot, it truly did kick in....just like the doctor said it would. I got out of bed without having to "help" my arm out of bed. After 9 weeks, I couldn't believe it! I haven't had much pain since. I find myself cringing every time I reach for something, even though I don't need too. I just get ready for the pain because I'm so used to it. I'm going to Physical Therapy three times a week and I HATE it. It isn't painful or anything, I just hate setting time aside for it.

Mom update: my mom arrived on Thursday. It is always great to have her here. She usually comes every other year for Thanksgiving because that is how my sister and brothers are set up to go to their in-laws. It works out well. When she arrived, she started asking something about Twilight. I can't remember exactly what, but it turned into "You have those books, don't you?" She isn't any more of a reader than I am....before I started reading the Twilight Series that is! I decided to buy the first one in June, thinking that one of the kids might want to read it on our drive home. None of them did, so I decided I would give reading a try. I read a ton when I was a nanny, but haven't at all since. Just like Harry Potter got my kids to love reading, Twilight has gotten me to love reading again! I haven't stopped since.....except the last couple of weeks, when I really don't know when I would've found time. Most of the time I can only fit in a couple of pages at night, but it is fun and I look forward to it. I was telling my mom about Shelli, the founder of Stampin' Up!. On her blog recently, she wrote about her daughters urging her to read Twilight before the movie came out. She and her husband went on a vacation and all they ended up doing was reading. She had pictures of her reading everywhere. I laughed because it really does hook you. Well, my mom started reading Twilight on Thursday night and finished it Saturday. Too funny! She has been bitten, as they say. I keep hearing people who are skeptical say "isn't that about vampires??" Well, technically yes, but that definitely wouldn't be the first thing that came to my mind. I think of it as a very sweet love story. I want to go see the movie, but I know it can't possibly live up to the book!


Jodi said...

I am glad your shoulder is doing much better.

I haven't read those books either, but I have friends who tell me I have to. Last week while at the library Caleb said, "mom lets go upstairs (to the adult section) and get you a book. I said, "mom doesn't have time to read a book." If I didn't exercise or blog then probably, but I like those things too much!

Melissa said...

I'm glad your shoulder feels better!! I just read the other one about it hurting in the first place, I'm so sorry!!!

I am NOT a reader at all, but Twlight has me hooked. I started it waiting for Tina to get ready when I was visiting in Utah and couldn't put it down. I unfortuantely haven't been able to finish it yet, but refuse to see the movie before I do. I've heard the movie is actually pretty good, but leaves a couple of good parts of the book out.

Allie said...

I'm so glad your shoulder is doing better!
Have a great Thanksgiving with your Mom--

Karen said...

I'm sure you're quite releived to have your shoulder not hurting all the time. Cortizone is such an awesome drug! Glad you're feeling better while mom's there. I still can't beleive she read Twilight - and SO fast! The YW weren't too sure they loved the movie (low budget and left out the good parts). I guess we'll find out for ourselves one day!

Tanya said...

Glad you're doing better! Constant pain just might be the worst thing!