Thursday, July 03, 2008

Color Inspiration Challenge

I needed to get stamping after returning from vacation a few days ago, but things have been a little crazy to say the least. I decided to just take some time tonight no matter what and do nothing but stamp! KWernerDesign is having another fun color challenge (as seen in the above picture) that I thought would get me jump started. I didn't think I could pull the colors she chose together, but I like the result!

I love cowboys.....always have! I swore I'd marry one. It was on my mental list of "musts"! But then the right one came along.......ya know how it is......and that all went down the tube! I got him to listen to country music, he even wears boots once in a while and enjoys going to my family's ranch and doing that sort of thing, but I wouldn't say he is at the cowboy stage or ever will be. He is pretty much perfect for me though, and I sure am lucky!!!

We had a fun trip to Utah and it was great for the kids to see all of their cousins for all of us to get to socialize with family again. We really miss getting to spend time with them. My mom planned a big family dinner for both of our families the night before we left.......YES we all get along that well! It was really nice. I think Brandon had the hardest time leaving this time around. He really had fun taking care of the younger cousins and getting to play with so many that were close to his age. Until next year.......

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Jodi said...

Kari, I am glad you had a good trip. I bet it is hard being so far away from a family you are close to. Maybe one day you can move back! (but in the mean time, we love having you in the ward, it keeps us sane)