Monday, October 20, 2008

A Few Pix

Cody is attending a school this year that helps focus on the police work he'd like to go in to, besides his regular high school curriculum. On Friday, they had a "Muffins for Moms & Dads" morning. We were invited to come and learn more about what goes on in their school and what they do in their lab.

The first thing he wanted to do to me was put on the "beer goggles" and have me "walk the line". WELL, if you know me, I struggle with balance anyway. I've never had a drink in my life, so I begged for the goggles with the least alcohol content (or whatever the terminology is) although he wanted me to try the highest ones! So I put them on and start out. He says "MOM - you're not even on the line!" I take them off, look down and my foot is 8" to the left of the line, but with them on, it really looked like I was right on the money. Another boy in his class told me to start on the line, then put the goggles on. I did that, took a couple of steps, and I felt completely sick. I didn't really feel right all day! No wonder our church teaches against drinking!

Anyway, Cody's instructor said "I just can't say enough good things about this young man!" That is always what a parent wants to hear!

Zach (middle of the picture) has his last soccer game on Saturday. The last few games has been amazing for him! He has played like he has been playing for all his life. It has been so fun to listen to all of the parents talking about him. (I get teary!) Most of the kids on his team have played for years and he is just starting his third year, so he has had a lot of catching up to do. He called me Saturday while I was at a meeting to tell me how his coach praised him as being the most improved for the season in front of the whole team. I cried again. So exciting for him!

Friday night was our last Band Festival. It was soooo good. Our band was awesome! Kyle met up with Ashley, a friend that lives within our stake. She is such a cutie and always so friendly. Their band is huge and did some really interesting things.

This is a shot of our entire band. Do you see Kyle over there towards the left???

I've had a fun year as a band mom. I've made some great new "band mom" friends and we have laughed WAY too much. I'll be driving down the road and just start laughing at things that have gone on. We've had a little too much fun this year!

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Karen said...

Love all of the pix with the boys and the fun stuff they're doing right now. Cody reminds me of Justus with the 'no smile' attitude. I guess they're cute anyhow. Those beer goggles do tend to make you sick all day. I never dared try them, but got sick watching others try them. Kyle however looks quite happy with Ashley by his side. I totally see him off to the left. Tell Zach he's awesome! Way to play for the team!!!