Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Upsy Daisy

I STAMPED! Tuesdays are so crazy for me and yet I decided I wasn't leaving the house until I took time to make a card for my blog. That's just how it goes. I got three new sets on Friday and finally took a few minutes to put them together yesterday. This is one of the 10 sets that are 15% off through the end of the month (hurry!). I LOVE it and so does my sister. See her cute cards here. (Go down a little ways.....P.S. HB Justus! Looks like we missed a great party! :) )

I embossed the flowers and greeting after stamping them in craft ink on the Bella Rose Designer Paper. LOVE that paper. This is one of those cards you need to see in person. This color of pink just doesn't look good through the internet.

Today is crazy, as I said. Driving, driving, driving, lots of driving, piano, soccer, band, RS Social, plus fitting in some other things that I'm not sure how we'll do. Somehow it always works out. I'm always relieved when it is time to go to bed!


Karen said...

Beautiful card! I love that Bella Rose paper too. I need to make more cards with my Upsy Daisy - I just LOVE it! I can't wait to see what you do with your other new sets. Justus says thanks for the B-day greeting.

Tanya said...

This card is so pretty! I can't wait for my set to arrive! :D

Soccer nights make me crazy enough...I do not envy you! LOL!