Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Controversial" Dream

When I get up in the morning, I brush my teeth, wash my face, get the kids up and then Richard's alarm is usually going off. He puts it far away from him so he has to go and get it. Usually he gets it and then takes it back to bed until it goes off again though. This morning, after it had gone off the second time, he said "I have been having the weirdest dreams. One was just was about a new controversial paper towel." We just burst out laughing and every time I think about it this morning I start laughing. He is such a goofball!


Jodi said...

Ha, that is funny. I woke up after having a dream that my two front teeth broke off and I had no teeth. I thought it was so real and I was horrified. See ya tonight

Karen said...

Tell Ricardo he's crackin' me up!

Tanya said...

haha! too funny! Dreams are great. The other morning my daughter came in crying that "the cow wouldn't play with her". um...weird dream?? hee hee!