Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Catching Up on Summer Photos

Brandon was in the intermediate swimming class in July and had a friend of the family for one of his swimming teachers, which he loved. He liked jumping off of the diving board and did a great job swimming to the ladder on his own.
Zach was in the advanced swimming class this year and did a great job. By his last class, he was treading water for 45 minutes straight with no problem at all. Diving isn't his strong suit, but as he says "when do you really NEED that?" True!
Brandon's birthday was next. He just invited a couple of friends. He isn't big on crowds. He definitely wanted to wear his "Grandpa's Cheese Barn" shirt. He loves that place!

Brandon & Jack
We headed over to the bowling alley and had a good time bowling and eating pizza. Notice that the teenagers are all on the phone, or have their phones nearby!

Alex & Cody

We grabbed some kid to take a group picture before we left!
Alex, Cody, Richard, Zach, Kyle, Kari, Michael, Jack & Brandon
A couple of days later it was Zach's birthday. He chose not to have a party, saying he was too old for that. He just wanted to go fishing.
He immediately put on a new birthday shirt (rare for him to take off that white soccer one!) and blew out his candles on his chocolate cake with NO frosting. A great picture of Zach! He usually gives me some goofy smile.~ Cody ~
These pictures are the first day of school. We have a tradition to take a picture by this fence post. We can see how much they've grown each year. We also mark their height on the wall in the garage. Let's try and guess who likes getting their picture taken and who doesn't!
~ Kyle ~

~ Zach ~

~ Brandon ~


Jodi said...

Oh teenagers are so funny! I loved their faces in almost every picture:)

Tanya said...

How fun! Love the fence post tradition!

Karen said...

Cute, cute, cute bunch of boys! I hope all your boys have great b-days this year. Tell Cody and Kyle happy b-day this weekend!