Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forever Strong

While I'm impatiently waiting for someone to help me unload the camera, I'm going to recommend a movie to you. :) Before we left Utah, I bought four for the ride home to entertain the kids. Last week Brandon wanted me to watch a couple of them with him again. I HATE watching movies. It drives me crazy to sit that long doing nothing. We watched one that was okay, not great. Then he wanted to watch another one. I told him I'd watch for "a minute", but I was quickly hooked on this one.

Forever Strong..... I've linked it to the site so you can read more about it. It has a great message to it and is based on actual events. It probably isn't for young kids, but all of mine liked it. It is the best movie I've seen in a long time.


Kyle said...

I havent watched it yet, so I dont know if I like it =]

Karen said...

That is a great movie! We took the kids to it when it was in theaters - awesome!

gremhog said...

it is the best movie. I ripped it to my iTouch so it can go where I go. I can watch snatches of it at a time and still feel enriched. I bought it the first day it was out. Could not wait. Robert had the YM go as a group to view it. Great results.