Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Chevron Burlap Wreath

I've made a bunch of fun things lately, but by the time I think to post them, the season is over! 

I had some friends over Monday.  They've been wanting to learn to make deco mesh wreaths.  They are really big here right now.  I've made several, and gave some away for Christmas presents.  They learned how to do those, and I made this one, which is a little different than the deco mesh.  It uses 4" burlap.  This one happens to be printed with a black chevron pattern.  I got it and all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby.  (The burlap is considered "ribbon" if you are watching for sales.)

I used a 10" straw wreath to make this wreath.  You will also need the floral pins that are shown below.  Fold over about three folds and start on the outer edge of the wreath.  (You can get an idea of where I started in the third photo, even though it is shown from the back.)  I make the folds around one inch each, and stick a pin in it.  You'll be able to tell if you need more than one pin by how well it is holding.  The pins are a little harder to get through the burlap than they are through the deco mesh, but it can be done!

After that first row is complete, I cut the burlap, then started the second row on the inside edge of the wreath.  With the deco mesh, I just continued on, without cutting.
The flowers I used came in one bunch, believe it or not!  No thought whatsoever went into it!  I just love how they turned out.  I didn't even cut them apart.  I just folded up the "handle" that they were all hooked together with, and then wired them onto the wreath. 

The last thing I did was added some coordinating ribbon along the edge of the inside burlap, so the pins wouldn't show.  I just attached it with push pins.  I twisted it every which way, just so it covered like I wanted it to.
 One thing I would definitely advise is to attach a piece of jute for hanging to the wreath before beginning.  I thought it would hang fine, but found out it needed something after I was finished.  I ended up having to force the jute through the burlap/pins and it wasn't the easiest thing to do.
I hope you'll give this wreath a try!  If I wouldn't have been chatting, I could have finished in about 15 minutes, haha!  

Wreath   2.99
Flowers   5.99 (was 50% off)
Burlap     5.99 (had 40% off coupon, some left over)
Ribbon    3.99 (a ton of ribbon left over)
Pins      1.00 (I already had some, but they were $1 when I got them and I used less than 1/2 bag)
TOTAL  19.96

I love having a wreath that can be used for many months out of the year!

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