Monday, May 10, 2010

Leafy Thanks

I quickly made this thank you card last night. I think I'm getting rusty! I need to stamp more, that is for sure! This one didn't require much stamping, although I did a little on the inside. I used the Big Shot for the leaf cutouts. I don't see much stamping in my future for the next few months. Two boys graduating, and LOTS of stuff going on. It will be fun, but crazy and busy!


Karen said...

Oh,my,my! I LOVE it! Leaves are one of my favorite things. I might have to break down and purchase this cute guy. We need to live closer to each other!!! You do have a lot going on this next little while - I'll wish you luck now!

Tanya said...

It turned out lovely as always! :)
Good luck with all the busy-ness! Summers are always the busiest for my family.

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I really like that card!