Thursday, July 02, 2009

Scout Camp

Brandon and I left around noon yesterday to spend the evening with the other three boys and Richard at scout camp. I really look forward to "family night" each year. It is a three hour drive to get there, which I really don't look forward to at all. One of the families always stays overnight in a local motel, so we did that this year. What a great idea! We got there around check-in time and he had time to swim with another family for a while.

We went to dinner with the scouts, visited their camp for a bit, then watched their skits. This is always my favorite part. They did a great job! It was one I had seen before, but you never get tired of them, and each troop does them a little differently. I'm so impressed with how this particular camp handles everything. The volunteers that are there each year are just wonderful.

Afterwards we went back to their campsite for a while and OOPS! - - no "s'mores" supplies! That could be my fault. It's a tradition, and I think maybe I've brought them every year. ??? Well, I forgot them this year. I did make cookies though. Not a good substitute when all the little kids (and little and big scouts) just want to roast marshmallows. Mental note for next year!

We had a good night's sleep (sort of....a baby screamed for much of the night close to our room) and got up and swam for a couple of hours again. I got some reading time in. I *finally* started reading The Work and The Glory books. I know I'm the only person that hasn't read them. It took me forever to get into the first one, but now I'm half way through the second. My grandma gave them all to me as they came out.....well, up until she passed away. I think I ended up not having the last three, which I've already purchased because Richard read them all one summer. Her inscription in the first one says something like "Thanks for giving us those two cute little boys!" It was in 1992, I think! You have NO CLUE how happy she probably is that I'm finally reading them! :)


Melissa said...

the boys had banana boats once all the family members left so don't let them get too much sympathy! :P

Allie said...

Sounds like a good time. That is just too funny about the s'mores!

Karen said...

Remind me when you're out to give you a Ooey Gooey Smores recipe. It's not as fun as actually roasting the marshmallows yourself, but we had to recreate girls camp (because it rained when we went) and that's what I made for the treat. It's sounds like your boys had a good time. Jake and Justus should be back from their scout camp tomorrow. I hope they faired as well. I'm glad you're finally reading the Work adn the Glory. You'll love them! Grandma will be so very proud!!!

Tanya said...

hee hee, I haven't read them either and I worked at Deseret Book! LOL!
scout camp... Ours is 3 hours away this year too. Oy.